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FD-100 Freeze drying equipment affordable price for sale

Freeze drying equipment remains in major scale, and the prices from sincere manufacturers are the most affordable. You will gain a variety of prices from many different suppliers. To buy a freeze drying equipment for sale, it is better to buy it from direct factory.

FD-100 freeze drying equipment one of the best seller models in the category of small freeze drying equipment. FD-100 has a shelf area of 10m2, and it is suitable to process 100kg of fresh material in a day. Both conductive and radiant types of FD-100 freeze drying equipment are available for sale. And there are many semi-finished chambers in stock for a quick delivery time. This machine is good for start-up companies. The capacity is not for laboratory or trial, but for small scale production to develop the market and attract big buyers.

FD-100 is all-in-one type, and compact design. This design and this type of freeze drying equipment is helpful to save the cost on the shipment and installation. It’s ready for use when you received the machine. What you need to do just connect the three-phase electricity from your panel to the electrical panel of the machine. Air cooling condenser is the standard configuration of FD-100 and all smaller models than it. If you are in the hot place and require a water-cooling condenser, it’s optional with mature technology.

freeze drying equipment FD-100 is composed of chamber, air cooling condenser, vacuum, reirrigation, circulation, heating, control systems and a complete set of product trays. To buy a good freeze drying equipment from trustworthy suppliers, KEMOLO is your best choice, as we are one of the leading manufacturers of this equipment in the world.

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