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About us

KEMOLO is one of the major manufacturers of large freeze dryers in the world. Our company specializes in the design, development, production, installation and commissioning of large freeze-drying production lines. Our freeze dryers are mainly used in industries such as food, nutritional products, extracts, herbal medicine, biological products and pet food.

Through continuous exploration and research, we strive to produce a more reliable, more energy-saving, more environmentally friendly and more convenient freeze dryer.

Extensive use of high-efficiency and energy-saving support systems; both designs of conductive and radiant types are used to make the heat transfer more effectively; high efficiency thermal transfer liquid are generally selected; At the same time, the heat generated during the operation can be optionally recovered for heating or defrosting. Through considerate design, reasonable arrangement and scientific calculation, the energy consumption of our freeze dryer is effectively reduced.

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