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FD-50 Freeze drying machine cost-effective price for sale

KEMOLO is a manufacturer and supplier of freeze-drying machine in China. To have a reliable and stable freeze-drying machine with the most cost-effective price for sale in the industry, consult with us and now.

FD-50 freeze drying machine is also a heavy-duty industrial scale lyophilizer, like all big models from our company. The shelf area of FD-50 is 5m2, and it is suitable for 50kg of prepared fresh material, like fruits, biological extract liquid. FD-50 is all-in-one design, very convenient for users, as it does not need to be shipped by special container, and it does not need to be installed, because the machine is assembled, installed, tested in manufacturer’s factory before delivery.

The working principle of FD-50 freeze drying machine is the same as all models smaller than FD-300. The product is frozen in the machine and dried in the machine. The workers do not need to move the product during the whole freeze drying process. Therefore, the process is automatic. And the workers do not need to stand aside the freeze drying machine and wait for freezing and moving. It’s pretty good for high value products and suitable for product which has a high requirement on the sanitation.

The FD-50 is one of our smallest freeze drying machine. It is regarded as a pilot model or for trial model for small production. It’s suitable for small start-up companies. If you need laboratory freeze drying machine for sample development, and meanwhile you will also build a big freeze dried production line, please contact us for a customized small freeze drying machine which has the same function with the large machine. And most importantly, the production data could be copied to large freeze dryers. To buy the most suitable freeze drying machine, it’s not wrong to talk with KEMOLO, as our company is dedicated in design, manufacturing all kinds of freeze dryers only.

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