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FD-200 Freeze dry machine eco price for sale

Among a big quantity of suppliers, KEMOLO is the most trustworthy manufacturer of freeze dry machine to supply top quality product with economic price for sale internationally. If you wish to purchase from straightforward factory, please speak to us now.

Freeze dry machine is regarded as a freeze dehydrator. The difference between a freeze dry machine and a dehydrator is that freeze dry machine is sublimation drying, but dehydrator is evaporating drying. FD-200 freeze dry machine is suitable for processing 200kg fresh product daily. It has a 20m2 drying shelf area. It is like FD-300, all-in-one type, ready for use in customer’s site. No need installation and commissioning service, as it is already tested before delivery at manufacturer’s factory.

The fresh material is frozen in the freeze dry machine, which is called freeze in place. The technology is the same as pharmaceutical freeze dryer. The frozen product does not need to be moved, therefore, it does not need overhead monorail system. And the design of FD-200 freeze dry machine is not suitable for monorail. The frozen product will be dried after frozen process. When you put the prepared fresh material in o the freeze dry machine, then all rest process is automatic.

FD-200 freeze dry machine comes with chamber, refrigeration, vacuum, heating, circulation, control systems, and product trays. The external cooling system can be air cooling type or water-cooling type for your option according to environment condition. Air cooling condenser is recommended in cold places and water cooling condense is for hot places. To buy a high quality and suitable freeze dry machine, just get in touch with reliable manufacturers and suppliers for most competitive factory prices.

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