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FD-300 Freeze dry equipment cut factory price for sale

There is a great deal of suppliers of freeze dry equipment, but just few of them are actual manufacturers. To buy high quality freeze dry equipment with cut-price for sale, talk KEMOLO for a factory price.

FD-300 freeze dry equipment is quite different from FD-500. The design of FD-300 is for worry-free on the installation and commissioning of the machine. FD-300 is all-in-one freeze dried system which means all the support systems and chamber has already assembled in only one package, and tested before delivery. As matter of fact, we did a batch of full load trial production by ice in our factory before delivery. So, the customers can use it directly after received it.

FD-300 freeze dry equipment comes with two units and the system is composed of chamber, refrigeration, vacuum, circulation, heating and control system, trays, and an external cooling tower for hot region or an air-cooling condenser for cold region like Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, Canada. The function of FD-300 is complete and good for freeze drying. The biggest difference is that the product is frozen in the freeze dry equipment too, not in a blast freezer. No blast freezer supplied for this model and blast freezer is not necessary in this design.

The freeze dried procedure by FD-300 and all models smaller than this one is as follows. The prepared material is frozen firstly in the freeze dry equipment. You just need to put the prepared material in o the product trays and load the product trays onto the shelves in the freeze dry equipment chamber. And closed the door of chamber and get ready to freeze dry. Refrigeration system will cool the shelves and the material in the product trays are cooled. There is thermal transfer liquid in the shelves. So, the shelves can be both cooled and heated. After the material is complete frozen, the rest procedure is the same as other models. KEMOLO is a professional manufacturer and supplier of freeze dry equipment in China and supplied this equipment worldwide for sale with economical factory price.

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