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FD-500 freeze dried machine inexpensive price for sale

KEMOLO is devoted in production high-quality freeze-dried machine with inexpensive prices for sale in the worldwide market. If you intend to gain the most inexpensive price freeze dried machine from manufacturers, suppliers, speak to us at once.

FD-500 is the smallest freeze dried machine which comes with blast freezer and overhead monorail system. In other words, all models smaller than FD-500 are other types without blast freezer and monorail. FD-500 is a 50m2 freeze dried machine and the fresh product processing capacity is 500kg in a day. This is one of the hot selling models. We have a lot of semi-finished FD-500 chambers in stock for a quick delivery time.

The FD-500 is composed of freeze dried machine chamber with drying chamber part and condenser chamber part inside, monorail I steel, trolleys, trays, and support system including refrigeration, external cooling, vacuum, heating, circulation, and control system. In order to save shipping cost, the FD-500 is in compact design and international container shipment was taken in o consideration. Therefore, it can be shipped by 2 common containers.

All our freeze dried machine smaller than FD-500 can be shipped by ordinary containers which could help our users to save their shipping cost. Beside it, we have already considered energy saving and high efficiency operation in o our freeze dried machine design to save the our users cost of production in the long run. As the energy cost is increasing, our freeze dried machine is favored by many customers worldwide. To buy this machine with inexpensive price from reliable and trustworthy suppliers, KEMOLO company is one of your best options.

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