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FD-750 Freeze dried equipment, economical price for sale

KEMOLO is concentrated on manufacturing and sale freeze dried equipment worldwide. If you need a freeze dried equipment, as well as wish to have an economical price, call our company for a factory marketing price.

Freeze dried equipment is a kind of dehydration equipment or drying equipment originated from the principle of sublimation. The largest difference with ordinary drying equipment is that the freeze dried equipment is sublimation drying, and other drying is evaporating drying. The FD-750 freeze dried equipment is suitable to process 750kg of fresh materials daily. And it has the same chamber diameter, width and height as all other large freeze dried equipment from the model FD-750 to FD-2500. And the length of FD-750 is 5.5 meters, therefore, the chamber can be shipped by a 20’ container. If the space of installation is limited, the freeze dried equipment FD-750 is an ideal model.

Frankly speaking, the cost of freeze dried equipment is much higher than ordinary drying machine. If the budget is not enough to afford the 1000kg freeze dried equipment, and 500kg processing capacity is too small, then the model FD-750 would be your best option. The advantage to invest in freeze dried product is that the quality of lyophilized product is the best. And some products like injection pharmaceutical and biological products must be produced by freeze dried equipment. You cannot use another drying machine to produce them.

The working principle and production procedures of FD-750 is the same as other bigger freeze dried equipment. The prepared fresh raw material is frozen firstly in a blast freezer and then moved to freeze dried equipment chamber by overhead monorail system and hanging trolleys on it. In the chamber, the freeze drying process is occurred. After the material is dried, they are moved out by trolleys and overhead monorail and moved to unloading or packing area. To buy advanced high efficiency freeze dried equipment with an economical price for sale in your country, just get them from the suppliers which is a manufacturing company.

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