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FD-1000 Lyophilize equipment cheap price for sale

Our company is a skilled lyophilize equipment manufacturer as well as supplier in China. If you prefer to buy a fantastic lyophilize equipment with cheap price for sale in the international market, KEMOLO is just one of the most suitable alternatives.

FD-1000 is a hot model for sale in both China and international market. The daily fresh material processing capacity of lyophilize equipment FD-1000 is 1 ton. The principle of lyophilization is based on ice sublimation. That’s to say, the pre-frozen product is dehydrated without liquid. The ice in the product is sublimated in o vapor and the vapor is removed out directly. In order to let the ice sublimate, the pressure in the drying chamber must be reduced to -0.1Mpa, which is a high vacuum.

The procedure of lyophilize equipment FD-1000 is as follows: the raw material needs to be pre-processed like cleaning, peeling, cutting. And the prepared materials need to be deeply frozen in a short time. After that, the materials are ready for lyophilization. Through reduction of the pressure in the drying chamber, the ice in the material is ready to be sublimated. However, the volume of vapor sublimated from the ice in the material is huge. It cannot be removed out of the chamber, so, the vapor condenser is used to collect vapor.

Sublimation absorbs heat. During the process of lyophilization, heating is always needed to support continuous lyophilization drying. The process will take a long time, depending on the heating temperature and material itself. There are dozens of models of lyophilize equipment available with cheap factory prices for sale in the global market. KEMOLO is one of the main companies which manufactures this type of lyophilize equipment.

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