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FD-1200 Lyophilized equipment inexpensive price for sale

Exactly where to buy lyophilized equipment for food? KEMOLO type is among the optimum manufacturers and suppliers. To acquire an adequate lyophilized equipment with the inexpensive price for sale on the planet, get in touch with us at this moment.

FD-1200 lyophilized equipment is a cost-effective model and good size for shipping by 40’ container. And this model of lyophilized equipment has the same diameter, height, and width as other large lyophilized equipment models. Material freezing is in blast freezer, and drying in the stainless-steel chamber. The material transportation from blast freezer to lyophilized equipment chamber and to unloading area is by overhead monorail system with trolleys.

The whole lyophilized equipment production line is composed of blast freezer, lyophilized equipment chamber, support system including refrigeration, vacuum, heating, circulation, control system, I steel monorail, trolleys, and trays. There are no quick wearing spare parts are needed in the lyophilized equipment system.

The application of our lyophilized equipment includes: food industry, nutraceutical industry, biological industry, pet food industries. All kinds of extract liquid from plants, herbal can be processed our lyophilized equipment. As a manufacturer and supplier in China, our lyophilized equipment is cost-effective in the price and quality. And the equipment is ready for sale in the global market.

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