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FD-1500 Lyophilizer, cheap price for sale from manufacturers, suppliers

KEMOLO is among the leading manufacturers, suppliers of lyophilizer in the globe. To develop your lyophilizer manufacture line with a cheap factory price, call us for professional answer.

FD-1500 lyophilizer is the biggest single chamber. Both drying chamber and condenser chamber is in the same cylinder. The drying chamber is in the front part, and the condenser chamber is at the back part. The function and efficiency will not be affected by the design. On the contrary, the chamber is more compact, therefore, it would be good to save the electricity consumption of the vacuum system. The length of FD-1500 lyophilizer is 11.6 meters after packing. So, it is suitable for a 40’ container. The shipping size is one of the factors affected the design of all KEMOLO lyophilizers.

Monorail system is adopted in the middle and large radiant type of lyophilizers starting from the model FD-500. The model FD-1500 is surely including I steel rail for the monorail system. And the I steel is one of the key components for the monorail. The monorail is overhead rail. To have a better view to the whole lyophilizer system, you may contact us for a video to show the process of lyophilization.

FD-1500 lyophilizer is composed of chamber, blast freezer, and all necessary support systems to run the whole lyophilization system. After the product is dried, the lyophilized product needs to be unloaded and packed in the shortest possible time to prevent from regain moisture from air. And then the ice on the condenser inside lyophilizer chamber needs to be melt by hot water in about 1-2 hours. KEMOLO is a professional manufacturer, supplier of lyophilizer from China, and supplies lyophilizer with affordable prices for sale internationally.

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