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FD-2000 Lyophilizer equipment competitive price for sale

KEMOLO manufactures premium quality lyophilizer equipment with competitive price for sale. To buy lyophilizer equipment for food from sincere manufacturers, suppliers, please ask KEMOLO company for good solution and factory price.

FD-2000 lyophilizer equipment is like the FD-2500 from its chamber diameter, height, width, and structure. The difference is that the FD-2000 is shorter, and the power of support system is smaller and processing capacity is smaller. The chamber of FD-2000 lyophilizer equipment is divided in o two parts: drying chamber and condenser chamber during shipment. The two chambers will be connected during installation.

The cleaned and sliced material will be frozen in the blast freezer. If you had a blast freezer already with a suitable temperature and size, or if you would purchase frozen product directly, then you do not need a blast freezer from us. The frozen products are loaded in o trays, and the trays are put in the trolleys. The product can be quickly moved in and out of the lyophilizer equipment chamber by trolley through monorail system.

The frozen product will be lyophilized in the lyophilizer equipment chamber where there is support systems including refrigeration, vacuum, heating, and circulation. Refrigeration system is indispensable even if you already had frozen product ready, because the refrigeration system is used to cool vapor condenser inside the lyophilizer equipment chamber which is the key function to collect vapor of lyophilizer process.

KEMOLO provides complete lyophilizer equipment system for users all over the world for sale with competitive prices. As the main manufacturer and supplier of lyophilizer equipment in the world, KEMOLO is your trustworthy brand.

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