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FD-2500 Lyophilization machine lowest price for sale

Lyophilization machine is in huge range, and the prices from straightforward manufacturers are the lowest. To buy a lyophilization machine for sale from suppliers worldwide, it is better to buy it from direct factory.

The largest standard size lyophilization machine is FD-2500. The processing capacity of fresh materials is 2.5 tons per batch. If you need to process 2.5 tons daily, you may select one set of FD-2500 or two sets of FD-1200 lyophilization machine. And if the daily processing capacity is 5 tons, you may choose two sets of FD-2500.

The lyophilization process of FD-2500 is as follows:

The fresh prepared material will have to be frozen in the blast freezer firstly to -30℃ or -40℃. The refrigeration system provided by KEMOLO will provide sufficient cooling capacity for blast freezer. It would take about 3 hours, as this is quick freezing. The advantage of quick freezing is to form small ice inside the material, to ensure the quality of lyophilized product.

The 2nd step of lyophilization process is to stop the blast freezer cooling, and start the vapor condenser cooling. The vapor condenser is also called cold trap. It is used to collect water vapor in the lyophilization machine chamber. It will be cooled to -40℃ in few minutes.

The 3rd step of lyophilization procedure is to start vacuum system to move the air out of the lyophilization machine chamber to create a low-pressure condition in the chamber. This is the necessary condition for sublimation.

The 4th step of lyophilization is to bring heat in o lyophilization machine chamber by heater and liquid circulation pump. The heating resources can be electricity, steam, solar energy, or the exhaust heat recovered from other systems.

In about 20 hours, the material will be dried. The lyophilization time is different as the difference of the material or as the difference of lyophilization recipe. Lyophilization machine is an advanced equipment to dry materials. To buy superior quality lyophilization machine from China manufacturers and suppliers with inexpensive prices for sale globally, contact us for direct factory price.

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