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FD-5000 Lyophilization equipment affordable price for sale

KEMOLO is a manufacturer and supplier of lyophilization equipment in China. To gain a sufficient lyophilization equipment with the most affordable price for sale in the whole world, consult our company now.

To build a large lyophilization production line, the biggest lyophilization equipment will be taken in o consideration for this processing plant. However, the processing capacity of the largest single lyophilization equipment is just only 2.5 tons or 3 tons in a batch. Therefore, if the daily processing capacity required is up to 50 tons, the lyophilization equipment must be customized design and feasibility study of transportation and installation is necessary in advance.

If the daily processing capacity is less than 50 tons, the multiple lyophilization equipment system will be an ideal solution for large lyophilization production line. And each of the single lyophilization equipment is about 2.5 tons, you will have several sets of it or dozens of sets of it to form the production line. Each single lyophilization equipment is the standard size, so it must be cost-effective in terms of price, transportation, installation.

Each single lyophilization equipment is composed of chambers, blast freezer, monorail I steel, trolleys for material movement, trays for material loading, support systems including refrigeration, external cooling, vacuum, circulation, heating, defrosting, and control. However, an extra refrigeration system for blast freezer is a good option to optimize the efficiency of the multiple lyophilization production line, and meanwhile, the quantity of blast freezers will be reduced accordingly. Thus, it would be contributed to save pre-freeze time.

KEMOLO is one of the top manufacturers of food lyophilization equipment in the world. The large industrial lyophilization equipment for commercial applications is supplied to more than 44 countries by the end of 2021. To look for the best lyophilization equipment suppliers from China, Europe, or North America, and get the most economical sales factory price, contact us immediately.

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