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2022-05-14 07:52:55

Vegetable lyophilization equipment

Recently, the need for freeze dehydrated vegetables in Europe, the United States, as well as Japan has actually increased quickly, and also the import quantity is still enhancing year by year. The rate of veggies from vegetable lyophilization equipment in the international market is 4-6 times greater than that of hot air-dried vegetables.

Vegetable lyophilization equipment is utilized to process several kinds of powder vegetables. Add powdered vegetables to flour or sugar to make vegetable noodles, sugary foods, cakes and also biscuits, beverages, etc, which can maintain the nutritional material, shade, as well as flavor of vegetables.

There are primarily 2 sort of freeze-dried veggies from vegetable lyophilization equipment: granulated vegetables as well as powder veggies. The approach is to mix 8 sort of veggies and also lots right in o vegetable lyophilization equipment to make granular veggies. This kind of veggies is not just nourishing and delicious, but also really suitable for infants at the beginning of discouraging, children who do not like vegetables, and elderly people with inadequate teeth, patients who eat fluid or semi-liquid food as well as athletes with minimal food consumption and various other special groups.

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