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Fruit lyophilization equipment company, economical factory price for sale from manufacturers & suppliers

2022-05-14 07:52:55

Fruit lyophilization machinery

In the manufacturing process, do not include any kind of ingredients, pigments, preservatives. The basic closed product packaging permits the freeze-dried fruits to be crisply saved for more than 2 years. With the improvement of people's living criteria, this pure all-natural, no added as well as nutritious fruits will certainly be increasingly more prominent with customers. For fruits with short seasonality as well as high nutritional worth, the fruit lyophilization equipment is excellent to spend.

Lyophilization equipment is made use of to drying leading high quality fruit. The fresh fruits will be pre-processing, including picking, washing, peeling off, as well as cutting, prior to filling right in o the fruit lyophilization equipment. When the fruits are ready, you need to load right in o the fruit lyophilization machinery.

The nutrients of the freeze-dried fruits will certainly not be lost, as well as the gotten rid of water will certainly not take away anything except dampness. The finished products from fruit lyophilization machinery will certainly be sweeter, extra fragrant, and also crispier.

Lastly, the temperature level of the product is regular with the setting heat temperature level, as well as the vacuum degree gets to limitation value, the fruits have actually been lyophilized by fruit lyophilization machinery. The freeze-dried fruits require to be swiftly packed.

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