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Vacuum lyophilization equipment company, economical factory price for sale from manufacturers & suppliers

2022-05-14 07:52:53

Vacuum lyophilization machinery

There is no big difference about vacuum lyophilization systems and freeze dryer. Vacuum is a required part in a lyophilization machinery. To get a proper machine for food, you need to choose and get it from suppliers, not trade suppliers for an economical rate.

Compared with typical sun dehydrating, steaming drying, spray drying as well as vacuum dehydrating, Vacuum lyophilization machine has the complying with outstanding benefits:

1. Vacuum lyophilization systems is done at low temperature, so it does not denature the healthy protein. 2. Because of the low temperature level drying, the loss of volatile elements, heat-denatured nutrients as well as fragrant parts in the compound is extremely tiny, so vacuum lyophilization systems is an innovation to procedure top quality medications and also food.

3. Throughout the reduced temperature level dehydrating process, the original residential properties of the material can be ideal kept. 4. The quantity and also shape are basically unmodified after vacuum lyophilization equipment. The product is like sponge. When rehydrated, the contact surface with water is big, and it can rapidly go back to its original shape.

Due to the fact that it is typically dehydrated under vacuum, there is extremely little oxygen, which protects conveniently oxidized substances. It can eliminate 95% ~ 99.5% of the wetness in the products, and the shelf life of freeze-dried items is long.

Vacuum is a needed part in a lyophilization machine. Vacuum lyophilization equipment is done at low temperature level, so it does not denature the protein. Due to the low temperature level dehydrating, the loss of volatile parts, heat-denatured nutrients as well as aromatic parts in the compound is extremely little, so vacuum lyophilization machine is a modern technology to process high quality medicines as well as food.

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