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2022-05-14 07:52:13

Industrial freeze-dried machine

After freeze-drying, the freeze-dried products need to be packaged and also kept in time. When the product is subjected to air, it is very easy to absorb wetness and also oxidize and break down, so freeze-dried items should be vacuum packed, preferably nitrogen filled.

Industrial freeze-dried machine typically refers to massive production freeze dryers, or business freeze dryers. Compared with laboratory freeze dryers, commercial freeze-dried machine can promptly fill and also release items.

The products from industrial freeze-dried machine are typically pre-frozen (other than for medication and also bacteria), which can conserve 3 hours of manufacturing time. When sublimating, it needs heating. In the procedure of item sublimation, we utilize induction heat transfer, which is a lot more consistent than conductive heat transfer. Using aluminum plate for heating transfer, the heat transfer efficiency is 10 times more than that of stainless steel. This is more for improving work performance and also conserving energy.

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