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2022-05-14 07:52:13

Vacuum freeze-dried machine

Whether it is local or imported vacuum freeze-dried machine, the usual drawbacks are the greater price, high energy usage, and also slow-moving back of investment. Reducing and also lowering prices power consumption is the main instructions for KEMOLO vacuum freeze-dried machine.

1, Improve structure, optimize type, lower expenses, and decrease energy usage. For larger vacuum freeze dried machine, KEMOLO use oxidized aluminum rack system and also trays. For vacuum freeze-dried machine, the heating system only supplements the sublimation heat energy, as well as the power intake ought to not be as well high, and the structure ought to be enhanced to reduce energy usage.

2, Guarantee top quality and also enhance performance. KEMOLO vacuum freeze-dried machine make sure great integrity to create high top quality with world popular spare components. Enhance the heating price, pumping rate, temperature level uniformity, as well as vacuum security, as well as some brand-new functions of the equipment additionally need to be improved.

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