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2022-05-14 07:52:07

Commercial freeze dry equipment

There are various drying techniques, such as drying by sun, warm air drying, spray drying, as well as vacuum drying, etc. Compared to those drying modern technology, the benefits of commercial freeze dry equipment are as below:

Because it is dried in a frozen state, the quantity and also buildings of the ended up item are practically the same, as well as the original structure is kept without shrinkage. The dried products are permeable and also loosened, and much like sponge. After adding water, it could be completely as well as rapidly liquified, as well as the initial shape will be brought back promptly.

Processed by commercial freeze dry equipment, the wetness in the items can be gotten rid of much more than 95%~ 99%.

When freeze drying at reduced temperature level, the loss of some unpredictable components as well as nutrient components denatured by heating is extremely little. It's extremely ideal for drying some chemicals, foods and also medications.

Commercial freeze dry equipment is performed under reduced temperature level, so it's particularly appropriate for many heat-sensitive materials, consisting of microbes and healthy proteins. It will certainly be no denaturation or loss of biological vigor.

During the freeze-drying procedure, the growth of bacteria as well as the activity of enzymes will certainly not happen. For that reason, the original personality can be preserved by commercial freeze dry equipment

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