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2022-05-14 07:52:07

Industrial freeze dry equipment

Industrial freeze dry equipment means big scaled freeze dryer which is made use of for large scale production. It includes different freezer space, drying chamber, vapor condenser, refrigeration system, vacuum system, heater and also control system.

One system of cart can hold greater than 100kg materials, and after that carried the products to the fast freezer space for pre-freezing. After the pre-freezing process is ended up, transportation to the drying space for sublimation and also drying up until the products are entirely dried. Deliver the freeze-dried items to the packing room for rapid packing.

Industrial freeze dry equipment on a regular basis adopts separate freezer space for pre-freezing (with the exception of medication as well as microorganisms). By by doing this, the entire processing time can be conserved for 3 hours.

In order to boost the production performance, industrial freeze dry equipment is set up with rails and trolleys to transfer products. The rails begin with the raw product pretreatment. After the products complete preprocessing, the materials prepare to be loaded on the trays. Put the trays filled with raw products on the trolley.

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