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2022-05-14 07:51:59

Freeze dry machine

KEMOLO is one of the key manufacturers of freeze dry machine as well as producing excellent quality food freeze dry machine with low cost to buy in the worldwide.

Why do you freeze dry food? Unlike pharmaceutical and also organic, freeze completely dry food is not a must, however it might generate premium quality food and boost the included value of food. The freeze-dried food is firstly requested astronaut. The freeze-dried food is 100% all-natural without additives and preservatives, and freeze-dried food preserves the very same shade as well as form as original, and also most significantly freeze-dried food keep 99% nutrition which is excellent for taking a trip food, hill food etc

Freeze dry machine is including freezing as well as vacuum freeze drying. Freeze dry machine is one of sophisticated drying method for pharmaceutical items, organic items, as well as all kinds of food products. If it is dehydrated by various other means, the active biological will certainly be eliminated in high temperature level, but as for freeze drying, it is processed in low temperature, the organic active is remained in optimum, even can be 100% retained.

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