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2022-05-14 07:52:49

Fruit lyophilization machine

Fruit lyophilization machine apply vacuum freeze-drying technology to dehydrate fresh fruits. The concept of fruit lyophilization machine is to rapidly freeze the water in the fruit in o ice, and afterwards let the ice directly sublimate in o vapor as well as remove. Therefore, the fresh are freeze dried by fruit lyophilization machine.

According to the concept of suspended animation, we understand if demand to freeze completely dry fruits, the fruit lyophilization machine what we need must have the capability of quick freezing. Right here we speak about fast freezing, not simply freezing. Since the temperature level of quick freezing is reduced, it can promptly freeze the water in fresh fruits to small ice crystals, to ensure that prevent the formation of larger ice crystals which will damage the inner structure of the fruit, causing a reduction in the high quality of the completed item.

Fruit lyophilization machine need to likewise can vacuumize the chamber. The lower the stress is, the reduced the sublimation temperature level of the ice will certainly be. The fruit lyophilization machine additionally has the feature of heating. So heat will certainly make sublimation happen much faster since the sublimation of ice needs to absorb heat. After the water in fruits is virtually completely eliminated, the fruits are dried.

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