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2022-05-14 07:52:47

Vacuum lyophilization machine

Whether it is domestic or imported vacuum lyophilization machine, the typical shortcomings are the greater price, high energy consumption, and sluggish recuperation of financial investment. Reducing and also lowering costs energy usage is the primary instructions for KEMOLO vacuum lyophilization machine.

Boost structure, optimize layout, minimize costs, and also reduce power intake. For bigger vacuum lyophilization machine, KEMOLO use oxidized light weight aluminum rack system and trays. The rack is with high-performance to improve its radiation capability, and also the surface therapy of the tray enhances its heat absorption capacity. The tray has an optimal placement in between both glowing racks, so it should be maximized style. The optimization of the size, framework, and frost attributes of chilly trap is additionally really functional, because the expense and also power intake of cold trap are big. For vacuum lyophilization machine, the heating unit only supplements the sublimation heat, and the power consumption should not be also high, and also the structure should be enhanced to reduce energy usage.

Assurance quality and boost performance. KEMOLO vacuum lyophilization machine guarantee great integrity to generate premium quality with world well-known spare parts. Boost the heating price, pumping rate, temperature level uniformity, and vacuum stability, as well as some new functions of the equipment likewise need to be boosted.

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