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2022-05-14 07:52:44

Vegetable lyophilizer equipment

Freeze-dried veggies have a porous sponge-like framework after handling by vegetable lyophilizer equipment. The item is very easy to take in moisture as well as oxidize when revealed to air, so freeze-dried veggies must be vacuum-packed, preferably nitrogen-filled; second, the busy volume of veggies from vegetable lyophilizer equipment is relatively huge, which is not for product packaging, transport, as well as sales.

The permeable structure makes the freeze-dried vegetables very delicate during transport. The commonly used product packaging materials for vegetable lyophilizer equipment products are PE bags and aluminum foil bags.

No issue what kind of packaging products are applied, it is needed to fill up with nitrogen, and also add oxygen scavenger as well as desiccant. Vegetable lyophilizer equipment items need to be stored in a awesome and drying area.

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