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2022-05-14 07:52:19

Vacuum freeze-dried equipment

All freeze-dried equipment is with vacuum system, because vacuum is utilized to decrease the pressure of the freeze-dried chamber. To get a suitable vacuum freeze-dried equipment, the option of vacuum is necessary as well, as a result of the system requires to avoid from any kind of fluid entering the vacuum system. The completely dry vacuum system is the very best alternative for freeze drying.

KEMOLO is the major maker of vacuum freeze-dried equipment for food, nutraceutical and organic products. KEMOLO brand freeze dryers have actually been exported to numerous countries worldwide with affordable rate and premium quality.

Vacuum freeze-dried equipment takes on lyophilization dehydration technology. It makes hydrous products iced up in the low temperature standing, then under the vacuum condition, it embraces radiant heat method for heating, to sublimate ice to gas straight. The vacuum freeze dried equipment made use of a consolidated application innovation based on multidisciplinary growth, including refrigeration, heating, vacuum, electrical etc. And also vacuum freeze-dried modern technology has commonly application, such as for chemical items, biologics, health and wellness item, farming products (meat, poultry, egg, sea food, veggies, and fruits etc). Different abilities of vacuum freeze-dried equipment are personalized.

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