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2022-05-14 07:52:19

Freeze dried equipment

Freeze dried equipment embraces an innovative high dehydration technology. It makes hydrous materials frozen in the reduced temperature standing, then under the vacuum condition, it embraces thermal radiation approach for heat, to sublimate ice to gas straight. The freeze-dried equipment utilized a combined application innovation based upon multidisciplinary growth, consisting of refrigeration, heating, vacuum, electric etc. And also vacuum freeze-dried modern technology has commonly application, such as for chemical items, biologics, health item, farming items (meat, poultry, egg, sea food, vegetables, and fruits etc). Different abilities of freeze-dried equipment are tailored to every clients need.

1, for food drying applications, the maker needed is food freeze-dried equipment. 2, for pharmaceutical items, the device needed is pharma freeze-dried equipment.

The price of freeze-dried equipment is somewhat high. It is a big investment. To get the most effective freeze-dried equipment, with economical manufacturing facility cost, why deny it from suppliers or producers straight?

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