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2022-05-14 07:52:11

Freeze dried machine

Freeze dried equipment apply sophisticated processing tech in veggies, fruits, meat, marine products, medicine colour defense, freshness preservation, high quality preservation, vitamins and mineral material. Acquire high-quality freeze-dried equipment from suppliers and suppliers to obtain the cheapest manufacturing prices.

Considering the freeze-dried equipment is accomplished under low temperature as well as high vacuum, the moisture in the product is straight sublimated from the solid state gaseous, so it can make the most of the cell activity, colour, aroma, taste, form, as well as nutritious make-up of the freeze-dried material, and also has excellent rehydration efficiency. Freeze-dried food is a premium environment-friendly food processed by freeze dried machine that incorporates benefit, health and wellness, and pure nature, staying clear of the staining, degeneration, loss of ingredients.

With the in-depth research of freeze-dried equipment, the extent of using freeze-drying technology for processing food is expanding. It consists of: meat, meat products, fish as well as shellfish, seafood, vegetables, soups, taro, dairy items, eggs, water items, grains, fruits, drinks, fungis, pickled vegetables, oil Fried, dark amount, soy products, enzymes, health items, Chinese medicine, and other foods. The output items from freeze dried machinery in the global market are enhancing at a rate of 30% each year, and ending up being a bulk food in global profession.

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