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2022-05-14 07:52:05

Freeze dry equipment

Freeze dry equipment adopt high innovation: firstly, freezing water in the products in o a solid state, and afterwards sublimating the wetness from the solid state in o an aeriform state, therefore removing the moisture and also preserving the compounds.

The items which are refined by freeze dry equipment are easy to save for a very long time. After including water, they can go back to the state prior to freeze drying and maintain the original biochemical qualities. The freeze-drying technology is extremely ideal for creating heat-sensitive materials such as anti-biotics, injections, blood products, enzyme hormones and also other organic tissues and also extensively used in medication, pharmaceutical, biological study, chemical and food fields.

The freeze dry equipment is produced by the principle of vacuum freeze-drying, with portable and sensible framework, and also it's practical to preserve, fully automated control and quickly operate. The freeze dry equipment can work independently by linking three-phase electrical energy with complete functions, no requirement for a lot of sustaining centers. Unique design and also exceptionally reduced power consumption make the low-cost products lucrative by freeze dry equipment.

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