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Pilot freeze dryer company, low cost factory price for sale from manufacturers & suppliers

2022-05-14 07:51:49

Pilot freeze dryer

Pilot freeze dryer is a test tiny freeze dryer It is easily puzzled with lab freeze dryer and house freeze dryer Just how to pick an appropriate freeze dryer for trial production?

1, What is the function to have a freeze dryer?

A: used in home for leftovers: house freeze dryer

B: made use of in a research study institute or lab: lab freeze dryer

C: made use of in an university: lab freeze dryer

D: made use of in a small workshop to begin up your own organization: pilot freeze dryer.

E: utilized in a workshop for example advancement prior to automation: pilot freeze dryer.

2, The features of the three kinds of freeze dryers

Home freeze dryer: square designed, economic type, longer suspended animation production time.

Lab freeze dryer: multifunctional for different sort of products, even unknow liquid.

Pilot freeze dryer: function coincides as huge freeze dryer, to learn the shortest time to get highest freeze dried out products, to conserve production cost during automation.

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