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2022-05-14 07:51:46

Fruit freeze dryer

Freezing fruits before freeze drying or freeze-drying fresh fruits directly?

All water in the fruits have to be frozen right in o ice standing before drying. Fresh could be also packed right in o center and also tiny fruit freeze dryers without pre-freezing processing, but the initial action after filling the fresh fruits in o the freeze-drying machine is likewise freezing the fruits right in o ice condition.

Fruit contents abundant vitamins, as well as different fruits have various stunning shade. Fresh fruits might protect 3-5 days in room temperature level, and also frozen fruits shed its taste as well as nourishment.

Fruit is a type of food, so food freeze dryer is the very best choice for fruits freeze drying. Some fruits are huge with thick peel, to freeze drying this sort of fruits, cutting and also peeling is the initial step or pre-processing treatment. The small pieces fruits with thin peels can be freeze dried straight without pre-processing excepting cleaning.

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