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Food freeze dryer, cheap price from manufacturers and suppliers for sale

2022-05-14 07:51:45

Food freeze dryer, cheap price from manufacturers and suppliers for sale

Different from pharmaceutical, to freeze dry food stuff, the food freeze dryer requires to be large and productive. The cost of food freeze dryer is cheaper, as it would be perfect if it meets the criteria of food production, like AISI304 stainless steel freeze-dry chamber. Access code to change control parameter to ensure the quality of each batch of production is the same. KEMOLO freeze dryer company is experienced in manufacture and installation this type of equipment all over the world according international regulations.

Vacuum is a basic condition of sublimation. Any material is freeze dried via principle of sublimation. The ice in the pre-frozen material is directly sublimed from solid state (ice) to gas state (vapor), without melting during the whole process. Freeze dried products is formed as sponginess, no shrinkage, rehydration excellent, very little water containing. The appropriate packaging can be stored and transported at room temperature for a long time.

By other drying method, the dried products will become small, texture harden, and some heat-sensitive material nature will be changed, inactivation and oxidation. But freeze-dried products can keep its bioactive molecule and restrain nutrition lost.

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